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Docking Stations

Desktop docking stations can help teachers connect multiple devices to their computers, such as a projector, keyboard, mouse, and printer. This can free up space on their desk and make it easier for them to manage their devices. Mobile docking stations can help students connect their laptops to a variety of devices, such as projectors, monitors, and external hard drives. This can be helpful for students who are working on group projects or presentations.

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Wireless Presentation Solutions

Wireless presentation solutions allow teachers and students to share content from their devices on a large screen without the need for cables. This can be a great way to facilitate collaboration and engage students in learning. Wireless presentation solutions can also be used to deliver presentations to large audiences. This can be helpful for teachers who are giving presentations to their entire class to a group of students.

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USB Hubs and Video Adapters

USB hubs can be used to connect multiple devices to a single USB port. This can be helpful for teachers who want to connect a variety of devices to their computer, such as projectors, cameras, and printers. Video adapters can be used to connect different types of devices, such as HDMI, VGA, and DVI. This can be helpful for teachers who want to display content from a variety of sources on a large screen.

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Level up your school's esports offering, whether you're aiming for competitive glory or a dynamic learning environment. Our gaming solutions can help you achieve your unique goals.

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Campus Safety and Cyber Security

IOGEAR Secure KVM Series empowers you to address both physical and cyber security challenges, offering a robust solution for safeguarding your campus. Enjoy secure remote access and control, ensuring the safety of your infrastructure, data, and privacy. Combat cybercrime and provide peace of mind for administrators and students alike

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