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The Edge You Need for Esports Domination

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Keymander 2 forum offers news, support, community and pre-made game profiles for our Keymander users. JOIN TODAY!

Keyboards, Mice and More

Esports players rely on high-quality gaming peripherals to maximize their performance. Keyboards are essential, allowing for quick and accurate input of commands. High-quality keyboards with responsive switches can give gamers a significant advantage in competitive play. Similarly, mice are crucial for precise aiming and character movement. High-quality mice with accurate sensors can also give gamers a significant edge.

Gaming Peripherals

Video Streaming and Capture

Streaming is a great way for esports players to share their gameplay with others. IOGEAR's streaming video products can help gamers broadcast their gameplay live to an audience. This can help gamers build a following and earn sponsorships. IOGEAR’s capture adapters allow gamers to record their gameplay footage. This footage can then be edited and uploaded to websites like YouTube or Twitch. This can help gamers showcase their skills and reach a wider audience.

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Keymander Family

IOGEAR's KeyMander products allow gamers to play with the input they want, regardless of the game console they are using. The KeyMander adapters allow gamers to connect a keyboard and mouse to their console, giving them the precision and accuracy of a mouse over a controller. This is especially beneficial for first-person shooter (FPS) games, where a mouse is considered the superior input device.

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