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Protect Multiple Desktops from Internal and External Cyber Threats with Secure KVM Technology

IOGEAR Secure KVM Switch series ensure maximum information security while sharing a single keyboard, mouse, speaker set and additional authorized CAC and biometric readers.

Ensure High-Level Desktop Security
Designed for NIAP PPV4.0 certification
Connect to any port with IOGEAR secure KVM cables
Single and Dual View 4K UHD support
Connect 2, 4 or 8 computers securely
Switch between computers with isolated channel

NIAP Certified, Common Criteria Compliance & TAA Compliant

IOGEAR secure KVM switches comply with NIAP PP v4.0 security certification meeting the latest cybersecurity requirements from the U.S. government. The secure KVM also meets with the Common Criterial Compliance as part of the international Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement. The unit also meets with all TAA-compliant guidelines.

Build for modern security environment

IOGEAR Secure KVM switches comply with NIAP PP v4.0 security certification meeting the latest cybersecurity requirements from U.S. government. Compliance with PP v4.0 ensure peripheral sharing capabilities that provide maximum user data security when switches port focus, preventing unauthorized data flows or leakage between connected sources.

Key protections include:

  • Isolation and unidirectional data flow
  • Restricted peripheral connectivity and filtering
  • User data protection
  • Configurable device filtration and management
  • Strict audio filtration and always on tamper-proof design
  • Keeping sensitive assets isolated and provide advanced security
  • User-friendly design for instantly secure deployment

Secure Design

To enhance security, IOGEAR Secure KVM Switches only offer manual switching methods through front panel pushbuttons and Remote Port Selector (RPS). Multi-layered security ensure high-level desktop security and data safekeeping for always-on applications. When physical tampering is detected IOGEAR’s Secure KVM switch series are rendered inoperable immediately.

Active Tamper Proof Hardware

Established security profiles call for system that make it easy to identify any physical tampering of the KVM. IOGEAR’s Secure KVMs support an active tamper-proof system. Including: Tamper-Evident Seals, Active Chassis Intrusion Detection, Tamper-Proof Hardware Components, Non-Reprogrammable Firmware, Rugged Full Metal Chassis

Data Channel Isolation & Unidirectional Data Flow

IOGEAR Secure KVM switches control and isolate data flow between the console device and the connected computers preventing any data transfer between the connected computers. Data channel isolation prevents data leakage between connected computers via isolated channel per port and unidirectional data flow ensures unidirectional data flow between the console devices and the selected computer. The secure KVM switch supports analog audio via speakers only.

Universal Video Cable

Connect to multiple port configurations with IOGEAR Universal KVM cables giving IT administrators option for preventing compatibility issues encountered in serving diverse secure computer ecosystems. The universal KVM cables connect multiple video sources to an IOGEAR KVM even if they are using different display standards. This flexibility enables IT managers to deploy the same KVM switch across their network without the need for unreliable active cables or costly external video converters or additional docking stations. The universal cable options include DisplayPort to DisplayPort, HDMI® to DisplayPort, DVI to DisplayPort and USB Type-C™ to DisplayPort.


Secure KVM Remote Port Selector

IOGEAR Secure KVM Remote Port Selector (TAA-Compliant) enables users to securely select and switch between systems with optional external remote port selector that provides full operator control for an optimized user experience. Easily switch between 2, 4 or 8 computer systems via the wired port selector to your secure KVM switch and use indicator lights to know which system is currently selected on the console.

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Dedicated Common Access Card Reader Port

A fully advanced and configurable CAC reader port supports smart cards or biometric readers in compliance with NIAP-certified access accessories.

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Are Your Systems Vulnerable?

Security breaches to computer systems have touched every level of industry and government. Protecting vulnerable data systems from internal and external cyber security threats is of paramount importance.

Government, Military and Commercial Applications

IOGEAR Secure KVM switches physically isolate sensitive networks and assets. They require authorized access, filter or block exposed USB ports, and protect data integrity. Originally for the military and federal intelligence agencies, they're now useful for many organizations.

Secure KVM switches offer enhanced security and control for many organizations

  • FBI
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • Department of Defense
  • Federal departments
  • State and Local Utilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare organization
  • Law firms

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