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Wireless Extender

Wireless HD TV Connection Kit

EOL Plug-N-Play Wireless HDMI Extender

UPC: 881317516428

This product is EOL and is no longer being sold.
Sale price$164.95

The IOGEAR Wireless HD TV Connection Kit transmits Full HD (1080p @60Hz) video and audio wirelessly up to 150 feet away. It eliminates the need for long HDMI cables, keeping your entertainment setup clean and clutter-free. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including two HDMI cables, an IR blaster, and an IR receiver. This product is a good option for anyone who wants to connect an HDTV to a source device, such as a cable box or gaming console, without running a long HDMI cable.

Eliminate Cables Without Sacrificing HD Quality

With support for Full HD resolutions up to 1080p @60fps, you can place your HDTV or HD projector anywhere up to 150 ft. wirelessly from the video source without sacrificing picture and sound quality. Enjoy a stunning audio/video experience with the convenience of wireless transmissionand the flexibility to eliminate cable clutter and move your TV to the patio or den for the big game or parties. Effectively transmit powerful long-range digital video across wide open spaces and living areas up to 150 ft. Save the time and expense of hiring installers to run HDMI cables through the ceiling and walls.


The Wireless HD TV Connection Kit comes with everything you need inside the box to get started quickly. The kit includes 2 compatible HDMI cables, so there is no need to worry about shopping for the right cable. Connect the HDMI cables between your source video device and the HDMI transmitter and between the HDMI receiver and your TV. Plug in power, and you are ready to enjoy your video content.

Setting up the Kit is hassle-free and does not require a Wi-Fi network or complicated security configurations. The included transmitter and receiver come ready with security enabled and are paired to create an independent wireless network connection.

Eliminate Cables Without Sacrificing HD Quality

With a 150 ft. wireless range, this Kit will work in open space living areas to deliver Full HD video and audio for your home application. The Kit is perfect for hiding your A/V equipment across the room, keeping your HDTV cable-free while avoiding the clutter and eyesore or cabling. Enjoy a seamless integration and a clean look where ever you want to place your TV.

Control Source Device Remotely - Infrared (IR) Support

Control your source A/V device directly from your TV. Just point your remote at the TV with the included IR blaster to control your devices. Change the channel, pause, play, fast forward, and control any other function of your cable, satellite box, DVD or Blu-ray player and any other A/V equipment in your system. The IR blaster will transmit your remote control functions to your source devices as if they were right there.

NOTE: *Ideally best performance is obtained using line-of-sight. Distances may vary depending on environment. Solid and non-porous materials such as steel, concrete, brick and glass (varies depending on coating and thickness) will cause shorter viewing distances or loss of signal.

  • Transmits High Definition Video and Audio up to 150ft
  • Supports resolutions of up to 1080p @ 60fps
  • Supports Infrared (IR) Remote signal transmission to control source device
  • Plug-N-Play solution
  • HDMI 1.3V and HDCP Compliant
  • WPA security protection - already paired
  • Applications:
  • HDMI Source Device
  • TV or Projector with HDMI Input
  • 1 x GWHDKIT11 Transmitter
  • 1 x GWHDKIT11 Receiver
  • 2 x 3 Foot HDMI Cable
  • 1 x IR Blaster Extension cable
  • 1 x IR Receiver Extension cable
  • 2 x 5VDC/2A Switching Power Supply
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Need more help with this product? Visit IOGEAR Knowledge Base

Display Output
Video InputHDMI Interface
Video OutputHDMI Interface
AssociationHDMI input and output connection state
WLANTransmitter and Receiver wireless connection state
Voltage5 DC
Power ConsumptionTransmitter 7W/Receiver 5W
Power Supplyswitching 100-240 VAC Input, 5VDC/2A Output
Video Resolution1080P@60Hz
Warranty1 - Year
Video StreamingUp to 10.2 Gbps
Radio Frequency5.8 GHz
Operating RangeUp to 150 feet
Operation Temperature32-122F
Storage Temperature14-158F
Unit Dimensions
Height0.91 in
Depth3.15 in
Length4.72 in
Unit Package Dimensions
Width9.45 in
Height4.33 in
Depth6.93 in
Master Carton
Width14.25 in
Height9.84 in
Depth13.39 in
Master Carton Qty.6
Master Carton Wt.12.35 lb
Unit Pack Wt.1.55 lb
Unit Wt.0.40 lb

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