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Wireless Extender

Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix


UPC: 881317510983

This product is EOL and is no longer being sold.
Sale price$399.95

The IOGEAR Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix lets you connect up to 5 high-definition (HD) devices to 2 TVs wirelessly. It can transmit uncompressed Full HD 1080p content, including 3D content and digital audio, up to 100 feet away. The wireless matrix feature allows you to independently select any of the 5 sources on either of the 2 TVs. This is a good option for someone who wants to watch different HD sources in separate rooms without running HDMI cables.


Wireless Video

IOGEAR's GWHDMS52 Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix is the first to send uncompressed Full HD 1080p, connects up to 5 source devices and allow you to switch and independently select any source between 2 HDTVs.

The solution consists of a Wireless Transmitter and a Wireless Receiver with connections for HDMI and Component, along with a loop through (local port) for an advanced 2 HDTV set ups. It also includes USB connectivity for the addition of a Computer / Laptop giving you wireless control from the second room.

Wireless Matrix

The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix is setting a new standard in wireless connectivity, flexibility, convenience, and decor.

The wireless matrix feature is the biggest breakthrough in wireless AV solutions today. This means you can watch cable TV in the living room while the bedroom independently selects a Blu-ray movie to watch wirelessly at the same time. Its capable of streaming Full HD 1080p with support for 3D content and digital audio up to 100 feet* away within the home or desired set up.


Infrared (IR)

Supports IR pass-through - Enables wireless control of your source devices and helps consolidate your HD A/V electronics, such as a DVD / Blu-ray players, DVR / Cable boxes, Game consoles and computers to design your own custom entertainment space.


Hang your TV Anywhere, No Wires

Take re-decorating, retrofitting and designing to a new level of creativity and convenience. Ever wanted to set up another HDTV in the Bedroom, Kitchen, Den or patio? Now you can have the wireless HDTV, if you have power you can have HDTV. Set up the HDTV in the back patio for the big sporting event while the kids play video games or watch a Blu-ray movie in the living room!

The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix does not require a line-of-sight placement, keeping home theater devices neatly out of sight, which enables a quick, simple, and flexible wireless HD or 3D audio / video solution.

Connectivity x5

Connect and wirelessly transmit content from up to 5 different media devices such as Blu-ray & DVD Players, game consoles, computers, laptops or media servers.


Cut the cord!

Wirelessly transmit full uncompressed HD content to an HD display up to 100ft away with less than 1ms of latency.


Power to the user

Switch and independently select any 5 HD sources between to 2 zones, one source displayed locally on an HDTV and another source wirelessly transmitted to another HDTV.

Crystal Clear

Get the most out of your HD sources with full uncompressed HD 1080p video resolution and digital multi-channel audio support, even when transmitted wirelessly.

*Distances may vary depending on environment. Solid and non-porous materials such as steel, concrete, brick and glass (varies depending on coating and thickness) may cause shorter viewing distances or loss of signal.

Download IR HEX Codes

  • Wireless uncompressed Full HD video up to 100 feet* through standard home walls for 2 HDTV's
  • Built in 5x2 Matrix - Allows you to switch and independently select any of 5 sources between 2 HDTVs
  • Supports 2 HDTVs - Delivers separate content to 2 locations at the same time:
  • Connect and wirelessly transmit content from your Blu-ray / DVD player, DVR / Cable box, Game console, Computer / laptop and media player
  • Supports uncompressed Full HD 1080p, 3D content, and 5.1 channel digital audio
  • Video Resolutions:
  • HDMI® Inputs / Outputs :
  • USB port on Transmitter and Receiver enables wireless keyboard connectivity to control an attached computer or laptop
  • Home Theater Projectors
  • Based on WHDI™ Technology
  • HDCP 2.0 Compliant
  • Built-in Infrared (IR) pass-through allows user control over their source devices that are in a different location from the wireless receiver
  • No software or driver installation needed
  • Includes 2 remotes for convenient switching in both locations
  • Add an additional HDMI source to expand your choices of digital entertainment**

* Distances may vary depending on environment. Solid and non-porous materials such as steel, concrete, brick and glass (varies depending on coating and thickness) may cause shorter viewing distances or loss of signal

** Additional transmitter sold separately. Visit the GWHDSTXB product page for more information.


  • 2 HDTVs
  • HDMI input per HDTV

Media Source

  • 4 HDMI output
  • 1 Component output


  • HDMI Cables (1 included)
  • Component Cable (not included)
  • RCA Audio Cable (L&R, not included)
  • 1 x Wireless Transmitter
  • 1 x Wireless Receiver
  • 2 x Remote Controls w/ batteries
  • 1 x Component Adapter Cable
  • 1 x IR Blaster Cable (Transmitter)
  • 1 x IR Sensor Extender Cable (Receiver)
  • 2 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x User's Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Need more help with this product? Visit IOGEAR Knowledge Base

Video Input4 x HDMI Connection, 1 x Component
Video Output1 x HDMI Loop Through Connection (Transmitter), 1 x HDMI Connection (Receiver)
Power1 x Power Jack (Transmitter and Receiver)
Video Resolution480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (24/30/60fps) and 3D Support
Video Streaming<1ms Latency
Audio OutputDigital 6Mbps AC3 and DTS, Analog 48KHz and 24-bit per sample
Frequency4.9 ~ 5.9GHz (Includes non-DFS and DFS Frequency Bands)
Antenna TypeHigh Performance Internal
RangeMaximum video transmission range is 100ft (30m)
Power Switch1 x Port Switching Pushbutton (Transmitter and Receiver)
Remote Module Connectors
Unit to Unit2,5mm Blaster Extender (Transmitter), Sensor Extender (Receiver)
Port ID5 x Blue LEDs on Transmitter; 2 x Blue LEDs on Receiver
Power OnBlue/Red LED (Transmitter and Receiver)
Link LED (Transmitter and Receiver)
Voltage100~240v - 5V DC Jack (Transmitter), 5V DC mini USB (Receiver)
Operating Temperature0 ~ 40C
Cable Connections
Input1 x Mini USB (female)
Output1 x USB (Female) Type A
Security128 bit AES encryption
Unit Dimensions
Height1 1/8" (2.86cm)
Length9 1/8" (23.18cm)
Depth3 3/4" (9.53cm)
Inner Pack
Height9 1/4" 23.5cm
Length10 5/8" 26.8cm
Width11 1/4" 28.4cm
Inner Pack Qty.3
Unit Package Dimensions
Height8 9/16" 22cm
Width10 13/16" 27.5cm
Depth3 3/8" 8.5cm
Master Carton
Height19 3/4" 50.5cm
Width22 1/8" 56.7cm
Depth12 1/4" 30.5cm
Master Carton Qty.12
Master Carton Wt.38.5lbs. 17.46kgs.
Unit Pack Wt.2.95lbs. 1.34kgs.
Unit Wt.2.05lbs. 0.93kgs.

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